Welcome to Eighteen 21, a family of houses that blend old world charm with a contemporary flair of the 21st for a truly unique stay.

Owned by a Portuguese family, Eighteen 21 is the result of many years of love poured over to keep the family tradition going. It started with only two houses, Casa do Cano and Casa de São Domingos, both passed on generations. Then came Quinta Velha followed by Casa de São Paulo, and lastly Casas das Caldeiras.

While most of the family’s homes breathed tradition, history and old-world charm thanks to its Pombaline architecture, it was the addition of contemporary touches to the interior design and modern amenities that made this collection of charm houses, unique. Over the last couple of years the family has made significant investment behind ensuring that a guest’s stay feels as comfortable as possible.

Today Eighteen 21 is managed by Constança, a family member, who ensures the family’s legacy lives on while guests from all over the world flock to enjoy a special stay in one of our houses. If you are looking to stay at a boutique villa in Portugal, a place that breathes tradition while accommodating to today’s discerning traveler, then our collection of charm houses at Eighteen 21 is the ideal destination.

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