Old Charm, Contemporary Comfort

Eighteen 21 is a family of five charming villas and apartments in Portugal available to rent for short term holidays, weekend getaways, and photoshoots. It is the sweet spot where old-world charm of the eighteenth century blends seamlessly with sophisticated modern design of the 21st. Family-owned, our collection of five houses are tucked away in dreamy places in Portugal.

A stay with us is not merely a good night sleep, it’s an opportunity to connect with the surrounding Portuguese heritage that has shaped us and continue to inspire us.


Quinta Velha

Sitting in two hectares of private lush forest, Quinta Velha is completely enveloped by the Sintra Mountains but also just 1.6km from the village, with unique views to Pena Palace.


Casa de São Paulo

Bright with balconies overlooking the Tagus River, Casa de São Paulo is next door to up & coming cozy restaurants and the iconic refurbished yellow Bica tram that ascends one of Lisbon's steepest hills.


Casa de São Domingos

Tucked away in the aristocratic neighborhood of Lapa, Casa de São Domingos even has a Mediterranean courtyard that oozes historical charm, the perfect spot to soak in the emblematic atmosphere.


Casa dos Condes

Located in sunny Alentejo, Casa dos Condes is a labyrinth of courtyards, rooms and living rooms that remind us of the blissful childhood years of venturing into a place filled with magic and secrets.


Casas das Caldeiras

Situated in one of Porto’s most emblematic streets once occupied by metalsmiths and today by secluded tapas and adegas, Casa das Caldeiras is just a stone’s throw away from the Clérigos Tower.



From Lisbon to Porto, passing through the understated countryside of Alentejo and enchanting mountainous range of Sintra, our collection of charm houses offer you an unique opportunity to explore the best Portugal has to offer.

Blessed with a treasure chest of unique and diverse landscape, not to mention sunshine all year round, a getaway to Portugal means a slowed-down, slow-traveling, slow-living way of life.


The best way to get to know a country is to delve in its historic, culinary and architectural roots. As such, we hope to give you a glimpse of what this remarkable country has to offer via our selection of blog posts below.

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