13 January 2020

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2020 is here and we want to help you keep track of what is really important: you, your health and well-being. If you happen to stay with us in our Casa dos Condes, you will find that peace of mind you are striving to achieve.

Is that time of the year again, when we set probably one too many goals for the months to come, only to fulfil half of them - at best. We do know how it goes but we also are ambassadors for well-being and that is the one thing we don't think one should compromise.

As the world gets hectic by the day and our routines get busier and busier, the more we need to take a step back and relax. Take a proper look into our lives and identify what we need. Self care is not a trend and it should be always on the top of our to do list.

When you are around nature, you will be doing your brain and body a favor as it is one of the most reliable boosts to mental and physical well-being. It is said that what you see in your environment changes not only your mood but your nervous, endocrine and immune system.

Our Casa dos Condes is rich in nature. Waking up and picking fresh fruit from our garden is quite special but that is not all we offer. We also help organize activities such as horseback riding, as being around animals is also a great form of therapy. For yoga enthusiasts, we offer plenty of green space.


If you are a water sports enthusiast, not far from our house, in Azenhas da Seda, you can choose from the many canyoning activities they offer for that good adrenalin boost. No path to self care is complete without some indulgences here and there and being Portuguese our favourite one is of course... wine.

João Portugal Ramos Vinhos is the winery you you want to pay a visit for a good tasting of the true Portuguese wine and a lovely day out. We hope to have inspired you to taking better care of yourself and your loved ones in 2020 and if you need any help with that... you know where to find us.

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Casa dos Condes in Alentejo



Located in sunny Alentejo, Casa dos Condes is a labyrinth of courtyards, rooms and living rooms that remind us of the blissful childhood years of venturing into a place filled with magic and secrets.

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